Special Guest Staff

Hi! We are a team of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, located in the state of Massachusetts in the U.S. We will be working with the EcoCentre for seven weeks starting March 14th. Our work will have a particular focus on microplastic pollution, and we will be helping the Baykeeper, Neil Blake, assess the beach litter auditing method currently in place.

We will also be recruiting volunteers to perform this method on a consistent basis in order to build a database of the microplastics. Finally, we will develop an instructional video to show these volunteers how to perform the method. We hope our work with the EcoCentre will influence and educate the surrounding Port Phillip Bay community on the importance of addressing microplastic pollution and encourage them to participate in such efforts.


The members of our group are:

Maura Buckley: studying to be a Mechanical Engineer

Cierra Ford: studying to be a Civil Engineer, minor in Entrepreneurship

Javier Lawes: studying to be a Civil and Industrial Engineer

Andrea Bayas: studying Mathematics, minor in Music


We look forward to the next several weeks at the EcoCentre!


WPI students on workplace placement at EcoCentre