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Baykeepers Documentary Film

We have to look to the future  

A shortfilm (26 mins) about Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake finding the sands of his local beaches are turning into a kind of micro-plastic confetti & community action.
After hearing about expansive amounts of plastic in every major ocean, Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake discovers the sands of his local beaches are also insidiously turning into a kind of micro-plastic confetti.  Inspired by aboriginal traditions, in his journey to measure how much plastics are threatening marine wildlife, Blake finds a community of ‘baykeepers’ tackling litter and plastic pollution.  With his grandchildren and all the wild things that swim in mind, Blake sees that inaction is not an option.

Directed by Michael J. Lutman
Presented by Port Phillip EcoCentre
Studio Lutman Films

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A Free Download!  

There are 18 picture cards of the most common litter items on the beaches of Port Phillip Bay. There are 6 time line cards relating to how long each of the 18 items of litter take to break down (if in fact they do break down). Match the picture to the time line and start a conversation!




Beneath Our Bay

Discovering the Hidden Secrets of Port Phillip  

The temperate waters of Victoria provided Gaskell, Smith and Coker the perfect canvas to photograph Port Phillip Bay’s unique marine biodiversity.  With anecdotal text of your favourite snorkelling break walls, piers and reefs; Beneath Our Bay provides a visual account of what you might see whilst exploring the shallow fringes.   Take a journey underwater and be inspired to get your fins wet this summer! 

J Gaskell, C G Smith, E Y Coker

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Melbourne Down Under

The jewels of Port Phillip Bay 

Revealing Melbourne’s best kept secret… a stunning marine environment that rivals tropical reefs in colour and diversity, showcased in a 208 page visual feast. From magical kelp forests, reefs that explode in a kaleidoscope of colours and dragons that sparkle like jewels. It is a surprising secret that few know. That’s why this book was created. Engaging text helps readers to discover more about this fascinating world.  Within these pages you’ll discover the fascinating plants, animals and habitats that characterise this stunning underwater world. Plants that walk, animals that bloom. Creatures that breathe through their backs and those that light up like a starry night.

Sheree Marris

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Coastal Guide to Nature and History of Port Phillip Bay

Graham Patterson has an intimate understanding and love of Port Phillip Bay and this guide brings the bay’s rich natural and cultural history to life.    The book takes a journey around Port Phillip from Point Lonsdale to Point Nepean, with specific locations, maps and pictures accompanying information - making the guide easily navigable and able to be dipped in and out of.   Offering historical accounts of what the shoreline used to look like 150 years ago, this book shows how geology has evolved and what people and industries have occupied the area over time.  The Coastal Guide explores the fauna and supporting habitat that survives and thrives around our bay and touches on contemporary competing demands of conservation and development.   Patterson's enthusiasm and knowledge shines through and will increase readers awareness of the bay’s irreplaceable natural values and the urgent need to protect them for future generations

Graham Patterson

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The Weed Foragers Handbook


Step into the world of our least-admired botanical companions, peel back the layers of prejudice, and discover the finer side of the plants we call weeds.  An astonishing number are either edible or medicinal, and have deep and sometimes bizarre connections to human history.    Full colour photos and botanical illustrations, this handbook details edibility and medicinal notes on 20 main common weeds, plus another 14 short profiles, as well as delicious and easy recipes and remarkable tales from history and folklore!    

The Weed Foragers Handbook helps you distinguish a tasty sandwich-filler from its dangerous look-alike and how to cook with delicious nettles without fear of being stung.   This book reveals all this and more, and will forever change your concept of where to go looking for lunch.

A Grub & A Raser-Roland


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Zen and the Art of Beachwalking

The Red Bluff to Table Rock, Bayside, Victoria  

This book was written to acknowledge the love of our beaches by those so many gracious and interested beach walkers, who can be found every day, fair weather or foul, tracing a path along the Bayside foreshore…
Zen and the Art of Beachwalking will help readers gather even more pleasure in their walks, by knowing more of what lies beneath their feet and around them, along the way.   The spirituality of the beaches affects us all, especially in bringing us closer to the natural world.  This is becoming increasingly more important to our mental health, in an expanding industrialised world.  Easy accessibility to our local beaches then, is a truly great gift. The philosophies included in this book provide a natural fit with a fully engaged, beach walking experience for anyone. 

Ray Lewis

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Sustainable Table Cookbook


Did you know..up to 60% of our personal eco-footprint is embodied in the food we buy?

The Sustainable Table is a collection of recipes and stories from notable Australian chefs, farmers, producers, winemakers, gardeners and everyday people who are reducing their impact on the environment by altering their food choices. 

These inspiring people eat seasonally, shop locally, buy organic, reduce food waste, purchase ethically and make backyards and public spaces productive.  This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys good food and wine, beautiful images and wants to learn about sustainability in an informal and practical way.

Sustainable Table

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Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt

The Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt book provides a full coverage of the natural history of the Sandbelt and the plant communities that colonized the region over the past 6,000 years. The book features full colour photos of each species and many wildlife species. Plant descriptions include horticultural notes, flowering season, and Koori use. The book also has sections on local geology, habitat creation and contact details of indigenous plant nurseries in the Sandbelt.

"This book has become my gardening bible! Now I'm gardening with nature... not against it!" Tony of Brighton.

R Scott, N Blake, J Campbell, D Evans & N Williams


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Ethical Supermarket Shopping Guide

Here’s what you’ll find in the The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping 2012

  • Easy-to-use icons to clearly identify company ratings, Australian ownership, and outstanding products — all at a glance 
  • Five principles to guide a more sustainable purchase
  • A new section on global agribusiness — the hidden companies behind our food
  • ‘What did you vote for today?’, a summary of all the major issues in a new centrespread 
  • A 'Supermarkets in Australia' blurb that includes information on all the main supermarket chains, house brands, and a side-by-side comparison of Woolworths, Wesfarmers (Coles) and Metcash
  • A new and improved contents page, index page, and colour-coded categories

Ethical Consumer Group

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Underwater Wonders of the Mornington Peninsula

Images that highlight the pristine underwater environment of Port Phillip and Western Port Bays and the unique creatures that live in it. There are not many places in the world left that have such a large column of water still relatively unpolluted so close to a large urban populated area.

"A picture paints a thousand words: if the public do not know what's under the water in our bays, it's hard to convince them that there is anything worth conserving. They would be amazed that we have such abundance of sea creatures from the very big migratory whales to the tiny seahorses and the underwater gardens of colourful sponges and soft & stony corals that are found in the two bays. I hope that the public will adopt a more positive  attitude if they know that the ecology in our two bays is in such pristine condition and that they would be more proactive in conserving it for future generations."

Cover: Weedy Sea-Dragon

Freddie K.Y. Leong

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Marine Victoria for Volunteers

A Community Perspective 

After spending several years struggling to understand marine volunteerism and the potential impact that volunteer groups can have, Ray Lewis decided to write Marine Victoria for.  Volunteers as a resource for both individuals and groups.    At the time of writing, the Federal Government estimated volunteers in Australia, across all fields of endeavour to contribute 700 000 000 work hours per year and this book seeks to inspire the ‘volunteers to be.’    Aimed to support volunteers as opposed to scientists, this book uses common species names for ease of reading and includes an array of wonderful images, as well as helpful instruction.  For over a century now volunteers have played key roles in the management and protection of Victoria’s coast and Marine Victoria for Volunteers supports this vital and ongoing work.

Ray Lewis

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Alfreda the City Penquin

Alfreda the City PenguinAlfreda belongs to a fairy penguin colony established in the rocky breakwater at St. Kilda Beach, a Melbourne suburb on Port Phillip Bay.

One day a break in the pipeline carrying oil from multinational tankers to a nearby refinery pollutes the bay, and Alfreda and her mates are soon coated in death-dealing oil. The combined efforts of many rescuers save the lives of some of the endangered birds, but will there be a next time?

The story is based on an actual oil leak in Port Phillip in 1989, foreshadowing the much greater catastrophe of the Oil Baron off the Tasmanian coast in 1995. Picture book format, ages 6 - 12.

Meyer Eidelson

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A Traveller's Guide to Ecocentres

Building and Growing Places for Reconnecting People to the Environment

The Traveller’s Guide to EcoCentres was developed by a team of researchers, evaluators and practitioners from three established ecocentres around Melbourne, including the Port Phillip EcoCentre, CERES Community Environment Park and Iramoo Sustainable Community Centre.  This unique guide includes inspirational stories, key success factors, warning signs and lessons learned to assist others in building a viable and effective ecocentre.  It also includes practical tools, resources and the opportunity to look ahead at what the challenges and opportunities one might face.  The Traveller’s Guide isn’t a prescriptive checklist of things one must do when setting up and developing an ecocentre, but rather a resource to help you get started, help you along your journey and a resource for you to dip into when contemplating new ideas or reflecting on your progress.   An invaluable resource.

Port Phillip EcoCentre Inc.

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