Community Gardens

Where we educate, collaborate and network all things food and positive gardening...

The EcoCentre garden is a shared community garden featuring Aboriginal cultural plants, a rain garden, heritage vegetables, a propagation area, heritage fruit trees and an organic waste composting system for the local neighbourhood. The produce is shared by those who help to grow it. It is also an educational garden with a strong focus on sustainable gardening practices. 

This model has many benefits: making new friends, tuning in to the seasons and local ecology, sharing knowledge and skills, learning the latest in urban agriculture methods, leading the way in food security and eating a great variety of fresh food! Anyone can get involved but must subscribe as a garden volunteer (free) and become a member of the EcoCentre (Green Membership $33 a year) and contribute regularly to provide continuity. It's the perfect place for a beginner to start to learn how to grow food. "Learning by doing” is how we do it here.

Our community garden products for the public include:

- Pick your own baggie of organically grown leafy greens and herbs for $5

- Seasonal heirloom seedlings from the garden

- Worm juice, great for organically fertilising your garden and improving plant growth by 30-200% without any chemicals. 1 L for $10, 2 L for $17.50.

For more information on volunteering in the EcoCentre garden click here.  

Other Garden programs include:

Positive Landscaping

We are just now offering design and advice on anything permaculture and gardening/landscaping, as well as installing tin veggie beds (organic shape), rain gardens, vertical gardens and indigenous gardens and garden maintenance.

Indigenous Gardening Club and the "Wominjeka" Garden

We have just finished our new Aboriginal Cultural Garden, the "Wominjeka" Garden. We have over 50 species, including such plants as bush tucker, medicinal, tools, art and ceremony plants used be the local people. In the midst of this garden we also have a raingarden and gathering space, where stories can be told. Help is always welcome in maintaining the garden.

Branching Out

Become part of the living layer - share, learn more, get inspired, and have fun! Occasionally we go out together doing working bees on other sustainable farms, backyards, community gardens and conservation and indidgenous gardens. This is a good reason to get involved with the Garden Team.  Check out our events calendar for upcoming workshops and working bees. By subscribing as a volunteer you will get them emailed to you.

Organic Gardening Workshops

Check the events calendar for upcoming workshops.

Small Market Garden & Nursery

That's right, everyone can now harvest their own fresh, organically grown leafy greens and herbs! Cost $5 for a brown bag. We usually have surplus of heirloom seedlings too ($2.50/punnet)! So come and have a look to see what we have got for you. 


For more information about anything gardening and how to get involved, contact Anthony Gallacher on





The EcoCentre acknowledges the Yalukit Willam clan of the Boon Wurrung language group, traditional owners of the land on which we are located. We pay respects to their Elders past and present, and extend that respect to other Aboriginal and elder members of our multicultural community.
We proudly work in partnership with Aunty Carolyn Briggs and the Boon Wurrung Foundation.