Litter Hotspots: Turn off the Tap!

Litter, and specifically plastic pollution, is everyone's problem. Luckily, it is also a problem that you can help solve yourself! Over 2 years, the EcoCentre has been working with schools and the community in the Yarra catchment area on litter prevention education. We've been showing our award-winning documentary 'Baykeepers' and engaging people about littering behaviour. After all, what happens in the 'burbs, impacts on the Bay... By turning off the litter-tap upstream, we protect our wildlife and ourselves from plastic pollution. The Connies will be helping us with this, so keep an eye out for them at your upcoming local community festival.

True to EcoCentre style, we're not going at it alone. We will be working with our amazing community partners the Yarra Riverkeeper, Friends of Westgate Park, Beach Patrol and Upper Yarra Landcare, who will be monitoring litter. The Yarra Riverkeeper is helping us with river trawls.

We've had the pleasure of working with the great people who are making the new documentary A Drop In The Ocean. Stay tuned into their facebook page as they regularly interview inspiring people who are making a positive impact and 'trickle up change'.

In 2017 we've turned our attention to Hip-Hop as a means to spread the message that "A Little Bit of Litter Really Matters!" Local musicians MOOP PatrolMC Guttermouth and Nicole Joy have recorded a catchy and persuasive tune that will make everyone think twice about littering. 

Our team of EcoCentre marine pollution volunteers are looking into nurdle pollution in our waterways. No idea what a nurdle is? Watch this excellent 5 minute video by Kim Preshoff:




Turn Off The Tap is a Litter Hotspots project, funded by the Victorian Government.