Repair Café - Information Session

Event date: 
Sunday, 8 October 2017 - 2:00pm
Event location: 

Information Session 2-4pm

From November 2017, repair sessions will be held on the second Sunday afternoon of each month at the Port Phillip EcoCentre.

At each repair session, a number of volunteers will be helping out in all sorts of ways.

  •  Most are fixers, working with visitors who bring in broken items for help.
  • The rest help out managing logistics, including registering visitors, supporting the fixers, and generally doing whatever else needs to get done.

It's not a big commitment; our events are just 3 hours long, with some set-up and take-down on either end. It's not expected that you come to every repair session, although some of our volunteers do - and why not, as it's really fun!

Specialist and all-round skills welcome in fixing household items such as:

  • clothing/textiles
  • jewelry
  • books
  • shoes & leather goods
  • bikes
  • small furniture/wooden items
  • computers
  • electronics
  • electricals & small appliances ... and more!

For more information phone John Hillel on 9807 9653.


This project is led by the Jewish Ecological Coalition and the EcoCentre, and we'd love your group to collaborate too! Please contact us.