St Kilda Seaside Scavenge!

Event date: 
Saturday, 13 January 2018 - 10:00am
Event location: 
St Kilda Beach
Seaside Scavenge 13 January, 10a-2p

With racks upon racks of funky pre-loved clothes, books & more we’ve got the goods to get you picking up at the beach. Picking up trash that is. With 300 million tonnes of plastic produced annually, there’s a whole heap that makes its way out to sea and into the stomachs of our friendly sea creatures. So let’s give a friend a hand.

For every 10 pieces you pull up from the beach we’ll give you a token that can be traded for the trendiest gear in town! We’ll have local groups Sea Shepherd, Beach Patrol, Scab Duty and Baykeeper there so you can fill your noggin with all the latest in marine debris facts and hints on how to avoid single-use plastics. To top it all off we’ll have Melbourne's finest musos there to get your toes tapping.

See your fresh faces down at the St Kilda South Lawn for some crusin’ beach vibes and change-making action!


Port Phillip Baykeeper will be conducting Citizen Science activities at West Beach, have a volunteer info stall, and sneak in a Captain Trash appearance.