Join Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake in this research and conservation activity to find out more about what shellfish call our beaches home and help identify probable bivalve prey of northern pacific sea stars.


Dive into a world where every shell tells a story, and the beach is your laboratory! Join us for an extraordinary exploration at this Beachkeepers event a celebration of marine wonders and the thrilling art of shell observation. You will collect shells on the beach, identify them, record their characteristics and learn about the important role of molluscs (shellfish) in the Bay ecosystem. The data collected will be used to record long-term changes in population, species diversity, climate change and water quality.


With your help we will also conduct a Beach Litter Audit researching microplastics litter washed up on the Bay’s beaches. As litter is a major cause of death for our resident wildlife (like sea birds, dolphins and seals) it is imperative that we research ways to reduce it. Help the Baykeeper collect data that contributes to healthier waterways and habitats for our unique biodiversity and provide solid evidence to inform litter strategies.


We hope to see you all soon at our Beachkeeper Citizen Science session!


Please remember to wear appropriate clothing for weather and to bring a hat, sunscreen, and reusable water bottle.


We would like to acknowledge the project support provided by the Victorian Government through the Port Phillip Bay Fund.

Event Details
  • Phone:
    03 9534 0670
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  • Location
    Keast Park, Seaford, Victoria, 3198, Australia