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Bilingual Compost Bins at Caulfield Primary School

Potentially a world-first, Caulfield Primary School has installed a bilingual compost system with signage in both English and Japanese.

The Student Environment Club designed the signs so students could understand what does and doesn't belong in the compost bins in both languages.

Compost bins Compost Bin signage

Magnetic signs were chosen so the signage can be rotated when the material in each bin reaches a different stage in the composting process. The signs are weather-proof and secure, and permanent information signs were also installed.

The bin system and signage was funded by the Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant for Caulfield Primary School's 'Project Mottainai'. Mottanai is an aspect of Japanese culture in which resources are used with respect.

Caulfield Primary School undertakes a range of sustainability actions. Over time, the EcoCentre has worked with Caulfield Primary School on ResourceSmart Schools accreditation, nestbox building, and Living Water Workbees to volunteer for catchment care activities, in exchange for credits toward rain tanks.

Boon Wurrung Foundation Logo The EcoCentre acknowledges the Kulin Nations, including the Yalukut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung language group, traditional owners of the land on which we are located. We pay respects to their Elders past and present, and extend that respect to other Aboriginal and Elder members of our multicultural community.