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Moving, restructuring, rolling out plans or policies, or bringing in new leadership at your community group or not-for-profit? This interactive online workshop demonstrates five exercises that provided our team great value in change management on a shoestring budget. 

Participants will:

  • Consider your organisation's cultural readiness for change
  • Learn how some resistance can actually improve your results
  • Map your teams to bring them on board for change
  • Narrow down the biggest forces FOR and AGAINST the planned change, to focus limited time strategically

Why we're sharing

We want to share our lessons to other busy NFPs with limited budgets. In 2020, the EcoCentre aimed to maintain quality partnerships and programming during a period of rapid change and disruption due to facility redevelopment. Then along came COVID, creating extra layers of changes to juggle. In this Zoom-based workshop, participants can sample some simple tools and hear the lessons that kept us calm, and which continue to guide our Change Management Plan.

The workshop is free with support from Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation.
A Zoom link will be provided by email to registered participants.

Event Details
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    Online, via Zoom, , Victoria, , Australia