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In this edition of the Beachkeepers of the Bay,  Baykeeper Neil Blake OAM together with the Port Phillip EcoCentre (PPEC) will help participants engage in a variety of conservation activities, conduct dune profiles and microplastic audits. All of these activities are essential for understanding the health of our coastline. 


Dune profiling and vegetation surveys gather very useful data on which plant species grow at the various levels above sea level, thus assisting future dune restoration work. Microplastic samples from this site will be collected, analysed and compared to prior datasets in order to understand what has changed and to make informed decision making in response to microplastic pollution. 


Play your part in this important work and join in the fun at these accessible and family friendly events.



Event Details
  • Phone:
    9534 0670
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  • Location
    Dendy Beach, Brighton Life Saving Club, Brighton, Victoria, 3186, Australia