Megafauna with Ben - Part 1

Dive into the past to uncover the radical marine megafauna that once swam along Melbourne’s prehistoric coastline. From bone-crushing sharks the size of a Humpback whale, to the deepest diving mammals ever known; this is a journey more than 30 million years in the making.



Summer by the Sea 2022

This presentation is part of the 'Summer by the Sea' Program 2022. Summer by the Sea is Coastcare Victoria’s flagship program, attracting thousands of Victorians to activities along the coast every January. Victoria’s precious coastal and marine environments support a wide variety of species and habitats. Summer by the Sea activities give you a chance to find out more about these remarkable places and to learn about some of the challenges facing our marine and coastal environments. View Full Summer by the Sea 2022 Program »

Summer by the Sea is coordinated by Coastcare Victoria, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP).

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Online, via Microsoft Teams, , Victoria, , Australia