The Port Phillip EcoCentre Culture and Nature Festival 2021 (24 Feb – 27 Feb 2021) is a digital online festival combining multicultural traditions with nature connection. 

We are looking for volunteers to help with several roles during this four-day online event, one of which is getting creative with letter writing, responding to admiration and love-letters written to nature.

We need volunteers to help respond to love-letters written by community members to their favourite tree, plant, animal or natural place. This is a chance to get creative, to share hope and inspiration seemingly from the perspective of nature. The idea is that we help to share connection to the natural world through community.

Writing/responding sessions will be held online, and run as a group activity. We will start by reading through some of the wonderful stories and love-letters, helping to inspire each other with possible responses, before putting our heads down to get writing. We'll then come back and share some of our creative responses together as a group.

Letters will remain annonymous.

There are five scheduled creative writing sessions. We encourage volunteers to sign up to as many sessions as you'd like!

Event Details
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