Get to know the wonders of Port Phillip Bay and its connected waterways in Day by the Bay, an online program of stories, science, art and music to celebrate connections to our local environment. Day by the Bay 2020 is part of the Victoria Nature Festival.

Penguins are some of the most extreme birds on the planet. These marine dinosaurs are capable of diving more than half a kilometre below the surface of the water; they swim at speeds of 36 km/hr and some species are capable of thriving in minus 40 degree environments that are hostile to any other form of vertebrate life. 

This presentation explores the evolution of penguins and the incredible adaptations that have allowed them to succeed for over 60 million years on planet earth. By looking into the different species that currently exist in Port Phillip Bay and the Southern ocean, you will gain a newfound appreciation for these cute “tuxedo” birds.  

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