Just like people, animals in cities and suburbs need shelter from harsh weather and predators, and reliable access to water and food. The wildlife food chain starts at the very small scale of insects, so using native plants to provide habitat for insects in your garden can help to attract iconic birds to your backyard.

Our community NatureSpot program captured untouched data from local resident’s backyards and parks on the interesting flora and fauna we see (and don’t see) every day. Join EcoCentre NatureSpot Coordinator Reiko Yamada and EcoCentre Gardens Coordinator Deb Punton to learn about the findings as well as an introduction on ways to make your own backyard friendly for wildlife, starting with the littlest creatures in your garden. We’re also excited to launch our new NatureSpot guide on how to use native plants to improve your backyard biodiversity!

This session is part of the digital seminars series provided by the Port Phillip EcoCentre in Autumn and Winter, 2020, and will be held over Zoom.

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