Join us for a Deep Time Walk as part of the National Sustainable Living Festival 2024 – A time travel through the rich geological and evolutionary history of the Earth up until the present day.


During a 4.6km walk, we will travel up the 4.6 billion years of the Earth’s history, at the rate of 1 million years per meter. We will journey through the Earth’s rich and complex history, stopping off at key moments to learn about the evolution of the planet and life on Earth through stories, conversation and reflection.


Starting at the formation of the solar system and the creation of the planet, we will cover some of the significant events which have led to life as we know it today: the formation of the Moon, the oceans, the atmosphere, the appearance of life, mass extinctions, and the arrival of our own species, humans.


A Deep Time Walk is storytelling through walking, it is a learning journey through our body, mind and soul, and a beautiful way to tell the story of life. Part history lesson, part mindfulness session this walk is all about stepping out of our lives and seeing the biggest picture.


By participating in a Deep Time Walk, you will:

  • Grasp the real meaning of 4,600,000,000 years, the age of our home, and put its history into perspective
  • Learn about the Gaia hypothesis of a self-regulating planet
  • Explore the impact our own species is having on the living world


These walks are open to all and are intended to be inspiring and empowering, and bring you a sense of collective drive and hope.


The Deep Time Walk was co-created by  Dr Stephan Harding and Sergio Maraschin, at Schumacher College (England). For more information about the Deep Time Walk Project please visit



Walking distance: 4.6km

Duration: 3 hours

Accessibility: walking mainly on flat concreted surface. There is some walking on hills and sand, but we can adjust if this will be challenging for you – please let us know. Maximum of 15 participants. Suitable for curious people over the age of 12.

Tickets: Standard ticket is a $25 donation to the EcoCentre. If the ticket price isn’t within your means, then please just pay what you can afford – we are keen to make this available for everyone.

What to bring: Warm, comfortable shoes and clothing. Water and lunch/snack. An inquisitive mind.


About the facilitator

Tamara is a Social Researcher with a background in Health Psychology and a desire to ‘do her bit’ for the climate crisis. She became a Deep Time Walk facilitator after participating in a Walk several years ago and seeing the potential of this transformative activity as a tool to educate and inspire others. She has been leading walks since 2018, and has trained two other guides, in Melbourne and Queensland. You can find out more on her website The Biggest Picture.


We would like to thank the ‘Community Bank Windsor’ for supporting this project and making these Deep Time Walks possible.



Event Details
, Port Melbourne, Victoria, 3207, Australia