At the age of 58, Keith Badger suddenly found himself with a dream and desire to leave behind his corporate job and return to his birthplace in England, and walk. It was a simple plan, to walk from one end of Britain to the other with his wife Debby. And yet as they traversed the country over 139 days and 2,801km, Keith and Debby found themselves confronting far greater challenges than the landscape and shocking weather.

Joining Loose Ends at one level is an adventure story about a long walk that stretched a couple to their limits. However, in candidly sharing his life story and vulnerability, Keith reveals with great honesty how in walking and connecting to nature for the first time in his life, he found richness in the world beyond his former business and consumer lifestyle, eventually learning what it means to be human. 

Join Keith and Debby at this exclusive EcoCentre fundraiser as they share their incredible story of how a walk across Britain helped them rediscover a sense of purpose.

All proceeds from this night go towards supporting the work of the Port Phillip EcoCentre across education, research, and volunteering programs.

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