June 17 - Water birds and frogs

Experience the enchantment of water birds and frogs at the upcoming edition of our Wetlands and Wildlife series, presented in collaboration with Melbourne Water.


We extend a special invitation to you to become part of this captivating event, where we will embark on a journey to uncover the marvels of wetlands and their crucial role in supporting healthy ecosystems.


Wetlands, home to an array of magnificent water birds and melodious frogs offer a host of benefits to both our community and the environment. By joining us at this event, you will unearth the ways in which wetlands contribute to water quality, provide diverse havens for wildlife, nurture fish populations, regulate floodwaters, and sustain surface water flow during dry spells.


This accessible event is a celebration of community, connection, and conservation, extending a warm welcome to families and individuals of all ages. This event is made possible with the support of Melbourne Water. Prepare for an immersive and educational experience in the greatest classroom of all – nature.


Register now to join us at the idyllic Glen Iris Wetlands, nestled along the picturesque Gardiners Creek.

Event Details
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  • Location
    George Pepperell Pavilion, Glen Iris, Victoria, 3146, Australia