June 24 - Waterways and plastic pollution

Discover the captivating world of wetland biodiversity at our upcoming Wetlands and Wildlife event, presented in partnership with Melbourne Water. Join us for an immersive experience where we'll explore the wonders of wetlands and their vital role in our natural environment.


Unfortunately street litter is one of the main causes of pollution in our waterways and understanding it's impact helps to protect the health of these habitats. To help combat this issue locally we can learn to use Creek Litter Audits on Elster Creek. Consistent and collaborative approaches are crucial for ensuring accurate and reliable data collection, enabling effective analysis of litter patterns and trends over time. By maintaining consistency in methods and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, we can enhance the understanding of the creek's health, identify targeted intervention strategies, and work towards preserving this vital ecosystem for future generations.


In this setting, we hope to experience the beauty of water birds gracefully navigating their wetland habitats and perhaps catch the melodious chorus of frogs and other fauna that add their unique voices to the ecosystem. These fascinating creatures offer a glimpse into the delicate balance of life within wetlands, showcasing the ecology and intricate connections between species.


Together, we can foster a sense of stewardship and contribute to the conservation of these remarkable ecosystems. The welfare of wetlands rests in our hands. 

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    Elwood Canal/Glen Huntly Road, Elwood, Victoria, 3184, Australia