Welcome to the EcoCentre team, Katie, Tom, Eric and Spencer!

Please register via the link above for the official EcoCentre volunteer induction. 

This is the first official thing you'll need to do when you arrive at the EcoCentre on Monday 21st October. You'll learn about the history and structure of the organisation, what we do here, your rights and responsibilites as an EcoCentre volunteer, and lots of practical things about our premises like where the emergency exits are.

This is also a great time to ask any of those questions you might have about Australia, like why do we like Vegemite so much when it is kind of weird tasting, do we really ride kangaroos to work, what are the best places to get coffee, etc. No question is a bad question, so don't hesitate to ask it if it's on your mind. 

See you on Monday morning!

Event Details
  • Phone:
    (03) 9534 0670
  • Email:
  • Location
    Port Phillip EcoCentre, St Kilda, Victoria, 3182, Australia