Pamper the Penguins

About The Program

Are you looking for Community Action activities for your students? Or outside hands-on learning activities? Pamper the Penguins is our popular activity that delivers.
The breakwater at the end of St Kilda Pier is home to a colony of about 1400 Little Penguins and is the only human-made structure in Australia (and perhaps the world) to be home to a Little Penguin colony.

Through this community action day the students (and teachers) will learn about the Port Phillip Bay marine ecosystem and how everyday actions at home and school have an impact on our Bay.

• What are some of the challenges for St Kilda’s Little penguin colony?
• How can we help improve the Little Penguin’s habitat?


St Kilda Beach & St Kilda Pier, VIC

Excursion Duration:

2 or 4 hours.

Year Level:

Prep to Year 12

Maximum number of classes:

 2 (Group max: 25)

Cost per class:

$500 + GST

Program Themes:

Community Service, Year 9 community service, community action, planting, Pamper the Penguins, Marine ecosystems, Port Phillip Bay, Little Penguins, molluscs, coastal erosion, STEAM, STEM

• F-2 Living things have a variety of external features and live in different places where their basic needs, including food, water and shelter, are met (VCSSU042)
• 3-4 Science knowledge helps people to understand the effects of their actions (VCSSU056)
• 5-6 Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment (VCSSU074)
• 7-8 Interactions between organisms can be described in terms of food chains and food webs and can be affected by human activity (VCSSU093)
• 9-10 Ecosystems consist of communities of interdependent organisms and abiotic components of the environment; matter and energy flow through these systems (VCSSU121)
• Community action

Students will participate in a variety of Pamper the Penguins activities that are chosen by the EcoCentre staff dependant on weather, student capabilities, the lifecycle of the penguin (eg moulting and breeding seasons) and the time of the year.
We offer these activities as 2 or 4 hour sessions.

The activities require participants to walk, carry, bend, climb, lift, dig and record data.

Participants of the Pamper the Penguin program will assist the penguins with habitat restoration activities such as:
• Transporting sand and seaweed from the beach to the breakwater beyond the locked gate into the protected area of the colony
• Propagating (growing) or planting penguin habitat species (depending on time of the year)
• Reducing human impacts
• Gathering citizen science shell survey data potentially related to climate change

Restrictions: These activities are best suited for groups of 25 or less. An altered program can be organised for up to 50 students. 50 is our maximum.
We will send you instructions for transport and a day plan after you book.

"The students loved the penguins! The penguin colony showed students that we can help the environment and species numbers by some human interactions."

- Primary school teacher

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