Sustainable Living

About The Program

The activities delivered through our Sustainable Living excursion will provide your students with hands-on experiences where they learn about resource consumption, lifestyle choices and actions they can take relating to waste, water, biodiversity, energy, food and climate change. 

Sustainability is the ability of a system to sustain life by meeting current needs without compromising a future for all living entities to thrive.

  • Do I play a role in shaping the future of my sustainable practices?
  • How can I apply these practices in my daily life at home and school?

Port Phillip EcoCentre, St Kilda Botanical Gardens, 55A Blessington St, St Kilda VIC 3182

Excursion Duration:

4 hours (10am – 2pm). Shorter excursions (60min, 90min or 2 hour) can also be arranged.

Year Level:

Prep to Year 12

Maximum number of classes:

4 (Group max: 25)

Cost per class:

$500 + GST

Program Themes:

Sustainability, Energy, water saving, food miles, composting solar, gardening, building design

Understandings & Inquiry Skills

  • F-2 Earth’s resources are used in a variety of ways (VCSSU047)
  • 3-4 Science knowledge helps people to understand the effects of their actions (VCSSU056)
  • 5-6 Scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to inform personal and community decisions and to solve problems that directly affect people’s lives (VCSSU073)
  • 7-8 Factors that influence the decisions people make about where to live and their perceptions of the liveability of places (VCGGK111)

All activities have a component of students discussing and deriving actions they can implement in their personal lives and at school to minimise their impact on the environment. There are two options for this excursion.
The 3 class excursion includes three 1 hour activities listed below (selected upon booking). The 4 class excursion includes four 45min listed below (selected upon booking). Shorter excursions (60min, 90min or 2 hour) can also be arranged.

1. Sustainable Building Design & Solar Panels
Take a tour through the EcoCentre to discover the features, equipment and retrofitting that allow this building to operate sustainably. Understand how both technology and behaviour can reduce resource consumption.

Learn how solar panels work using our demonstration model and the solar panels on the EcoCentre roof. In group work students will power a fan using solar panels and will calculate the best position, orientation and angle for their fan to work most efficiently.

2. Energy Conservation (STEAM)
Conduct an energy audit of the EcoCentre to record electricity use. Use lux meters to find optimum light levels and thermometers to ascertain optimum temperatures. Learn the different ways to heat or cool a home and which are better for the environment and people.

3. Water Conservation
Discover how much fresh water is there in the world. Inspect our creek and understand the importance of clean water to all living things and how nature is designed to filter and clean water. Look at how the EcoCentre saves, captures and uses water. Use flow cups to measure water tap flows.

4. Compost, Worms and Solar Cones
Learn how compost, worm farm and solar/ green cones systems work and why we want to remove food and green waste from landfill. Students will be hands-on with learning about and observing worms within our worm farm and learning how organic waste becomes nutrients for our garden beds.

5. Hungry Planet and Food Miles
Discover human food systems including where food comes from and the environmental and cultural factors within different countries. Students will learn about food systems, food miles, food waste, packaging, agricultural land use, local and seasonal food and growing your own food.

6. Edible Gardening and Soil Health
Discover different soil types and conduct soil and pH tests to learn about healthy soil. Learn about nutrition and nutrient cycles and the soil requirements that different edible plants need.

Restrictions: Our group sizes are capped at 25 students and our maximum is 100 per excursion. More than 4 classes can be accommodated by special request.
We will send you instructions for transport and a day plan after you book.

"We really enjoyed being a part of this amazing excursion. Your team were so professional, organised and really inspired the 8A science students."

- Year 8 Science Teacher

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We pay respects to their Elders past and present, and extend that respect to other Aboriginal and Elder members of our multicultural community.