Privacy Policy

The Port Phillip EcoCentre (ABN: 66 852 809 680) respects and makes your privacy a priority. The commitment of our volunteers, staff and organisational supporters enable us to do what we do best: care for land, water, wildlife and community wellbeing.

Our organisation is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information it collects, holds and administers. We collect and administer a range of personal information for the purposes of governing and managing the organisation and designing and running programs in an effective, safe and appropriate manner. Our Privacy Policy ensures the safety and privacy of personal, health, financial and sensitive information collected from our staff, volunteers and participants that is stored and used in relation to the EcoCentre.

The EcoCentre collects various information to support operations, programming and compliance to ensure the best possible outcome for staff and participants.

Data is collected in a variety of formats including online forms, paper forms, photos and third party platforms, such as donation portals.

The scope of the Privacy Policy is in regard to personal, health, financial and sensitive information only. This policy is to ensure adherence to the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act), the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, Australian Privacy Principles and related legislation protecting the handling of personal information about individuals. The policy covers the collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information.

Personal information is information or an opinion about an identified (or a person who is ‘reasonably identifiable’). Personal information that the EcoCentre may collect or hold includes: a person’s name, signature, photograph, address, contact details, date of birth, gender, sexuality, race, IP address, and employee or volunteer records. It also includes sensitive, health and financial information as defined following.

Sensitive information is a subset of personal information, subject to stricter protection controls. Sensitive information that the EcoCentre may collect or hold includes: racial or ethnic origin, membership of a political association, criminal record and health information.

Health information
 is a category of sensitive information or opinion subject to stronger protection. Health information that the EcoCentre may collect or hold includes: information or opinion about an individual’s allergies, illness, injury or disability.

Financial information includes salary and banking details and tax file numbers of staff to employment.

A security breach
 is any incident that results in unauthorised access to computer data, applications, networks or devices. It results in information being accessed without authorisation. Typically, it occurs when an intruder is able to bypass security mechanisms.

The EcoCentre will never share a person’s personal information details with any other party without the consent of the person.

Data is collected about:

  • Staff (e.g. employee details, health information, banking details, TFN, photos)
  • Prospective staff and volunteers • Volunteers (e.g. registration, health information, code of conduct, photos)
  • Program participants (e.g. signature, registration, photos, emergency contacts)
  • Youth and children (e.g. event registration, photos)
  • OH&S incidents
  • Other (may include reference checks etc)

Data is collected at the time of employee or volunteer induction, during event registration and events, in collecting donations, and at the time of any first aid incidents.

A privacy policy consent must be ticked by people when they sign up with the EcoCentre using our website. The policy states:

“The Port Phillip EcoCentre will never share your personal details with any other parties without your consent. Your information will be used to help us design future programs that are more tailored to our participants, and to keep you informed about upcoming events, promotions and news relevant to the Port Phillip EcoCentre.”

The policy for storing directly collected data is to digitise and password-protect personal and sensitive information as soon as possible. Original paper forms and information are shredded or filed in locked storage where appropriate (e.g. signed documents for insurance or tax purposes).

Personal information and related documentation are stored for a minimum of seven years; or until a minor reaches age 18 + seven years.

The EcoCentre Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database is encrypted and password-controlled. It is accessed by staff, whose degree of permissions are adjusted according to direct relevant to their role endorsed by the EO; and by inducted administration volunteers, with limited permissions also endorsed by the EO.

Individuals may control their subscription preferences for receiving EcoCentre communications using unsubscribe links at the bottom of all bulk emails.

Individuals have the right to contact the EcoCentre staff to request access to view and correct current personal data about them stored by the EcoCentre.

To minimise exposure of personal data, EcoCentre staff are granted access limited to the personal data directly relevant to their roles.

Photographs and film footage may be used by the Port Phillip EcoCentre and program sponsors and partners. This might include newsletters, presentations, media releases, social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), videos and associated websites.

Children under 18: The EcoCentre provides a permission slip for a child to be photographed or filmed by the Port Phillip EcoCentre and for the child’s image to appear in materials. The form includes the name of the youth and signature of a parent/guardian. The form includes a negative permission option and so should be collected from ALL students and filed with school / event records. We will not use photos of children without a signed permission form.

Adults: The EcoCentre provides a permission slip for a person to be photographed or filmed by the Port Phillip EcoCentre and for their image to appear in materials. The form includes a negative permission option.We will not use photos without signed permission form.

Opt-out at large events: Large events should use clear signage stating there is film and photography, including an option for how attendees can register their request not to be photographed. At the Sustainable Schools Festival, for example, special stickers are placed on the name badge of students with negative photo permission.

Opt-in via online event bookings: In some instances, where an activity has an online registration option, the participant is offered a tickbox to record their photo permission (text below). This preference remains stored with their CRM contact record. If a person has not consented to the use of their image, the activity coordinator is responsible to ensure the photo is not used or the image is obscured.

If there is a suspected or actual breach of data security, the Ecocentre will follow the protocols as defined in the ‘Data breach preparation and response – A guide to managing data breaches in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)’

If you have any queries, complaints, or would like to access to your personal information, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

The EcoCentre acknowledges the Kulin Nations, including the Yalukut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung language group, traditional owners of the land on which we are located.

We pay respects to their Elders past and present, and extend that respect to other Aboriginal and Elder members of our multicultural community.